Welcome To Natiki

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Natiki has evolved out of the desire to provide small to medium businesses with an affordable, straightforward web solution. We are able to provide reasonably priced packages to start-up businesses by using low-cost business models, such as the Natiki Template Gallery. Natiki also serves its customers by making it easier for them to do something that previously required hiring expensive specialists. Now customers can maintain their own content, making changes and uploading new content whenever they desire.

The reason we have adopted this approach to web design is that we believe your website needs change as your business grows. Our start-up packages give you control over your content. As your business grows and your web requirements become more complex we are able to design a custom solution that supports and in many cases underpins your business. This may include additional functionality, backend systems or custom programs.

How are we able to do this?

The Natiki team has skills to suit all your web requirements:

  • Programming experience and software application development across a broad range of industries including law, financial services, travel and tourism, retail, not-for-profit and real-time sports graphics
  • Internet marketing experience in the corporate, government and private sectors
  • Graphic design expertise across a variety of styles and media

If you would like to regain control over this essential part of your business, then contact us to find out how we can work together.