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About Us

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[About Us]Natiki Creative Web Solutions came into being in 2007 as the solution to a problem. One of the Natiki founders, Candice Edye, had started a company called The Marketing Coach which worked with micro and small businesses, teaching them how to market their emerging businesses. The problem was that most of these small businesses were unnecessarly investing all their savings into expensive websites that they could then not afford to maintain or promote. They had great-looking websites, but because they could not afford to advertise them no one was visiting and no one was buying.

The solution - Donovan Edye, an IT manager, lead programmer and web developer with over 13 years programming experience across a wide range of industries. Donovan developed a solution that offered small businesses not only a great looking website, but the ability to manage their own content and therefore avoid ongoing specialist costs. By customising off-the-shelf templates, Natiki could provide small businesses with a comprehensive website with interactive capabilities at an affordable price. As the Natiki clients' businesses grew and their Internet requirements changed, Donovan was also able to write custom software that helped give them a competitive edge.

However, there was still one piece missing in the puzzle - someone who could provide unique designs, who could create powerful logos, exciting banners and great artwork. The third person to join the team was Amanda Neuhold, a graphic designer whose experience spans 4 continents. The solution was complete - a team of highly skilled and experienced specialists committed to the small business sector, able to grow with their clients and offer creative web solutions to meet every stage of a business's growth.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us for the solution you have been looking for.