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Natiki aims to provide quality web site design and hosting for our customers. Whether you are a "I need to be on the web but I dont know where to begin", "I know what I want to do and need somewhere to host and will maintain my own content" or "I have special requirements" - then we have a package that will suit. All packages are hosted by the same back end infrastructure so you can rest assured that your website is in safe hands.

Should either of the packages listed below not exactly meet your needs then please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements and a custom quote. All prices quoted below in Australian dollars include GST at 10%.

spacer.png Simple Site & Hosting Complex Site & Hosting
Who is this for? This is for someone who needs to "have a website". You don't have the time or expertise to do it and are looking for a turnkey solution. This is ideal for small/micro businesses that need a web presence. You want to have a website that is more dynamic allowing your visitors to interact more closely with your business. This could include things such as a monthly newsletter, an online shopping cart etc. Your content is growing and you have more than just a basic website.
Setup Fee [Information] $ 550 once off
$ 1100 once off
Domain Registration (Once Off, If Required) [Information] $ 55 once off plus Domain Cost $ 55 once off plus Domain Cost
Self Signed Digital Certificate [Information] N/A $ 90 per year.
Secure Digital Certificate [Information] N/A $ 180 per year.
Hosting Fee (Paid Monthly) $ 33 per month in advance.
Hosting Fee (Paid Annually) $ 330 per year in advance.
Package Upgrade [Information] N/A $ 770 once off (Simple to Complex)
Package Downgrade [Information] $ 110 once off (Complex to Simple) N/A
Basic Features
Disk Space [Information] 250MB 1GB
Monthly Transfer [Information] 5GB 10GB
Mailboxes [Information] 10 25
Catch All Mailbox [Information] Yes Yes
Forwarders [Information] 10 25
Mailing Lists [Information] 10 25
Spam Filtering [Information] Yes Yes
Webmail Access [Information] Yes Yes
Domains [Information] 1 5
Domain Registration [Information] Yes Yes
Virtual Hosts Per Domain [Information] 5 10
SSL [Information] No Yes
E-Commerce [Information] No Yes
Manage Own Content [Information] No Yes
Page Edits (Per Month) [Information] 5 N/A (Should you be managing your own content), 10
Interactive Forms [Information] 1 (Eg. Contact Us)
5 or less
Number Of Pages [Information] 20 or less
20 - 50
mySQL Database [Information] 1 1